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The Wonder of Anime

Apr 8, 2020

Alexander Yarde and I met by chance last year at Derpy Con and ever since, I’ve been obsessed with him! He’s a writer with the Good Men Project for “All Things Geek,” as well as a contributor to other sites. He’s a Black geek, stay at home dad, cosplayer, and purveyor of pop, geek, comic culture and tech. Alexander mixes his love of nerdy with his passion for social justice often and isn’t afraid to use his platforms to stand up for his beliefs. In this conversation (the first of many, btw) we discuss his work writing about Black and POC representation, gatekeeping, and so much more. Follow Alexander Yarde: Bio: Alex Yarde is a husband and father living in New Jersey. In earlier times, you could find Alex in New York City teaching outdoor education to the great kids from Erasmus High School in Brooklyn. Today, you can find him on Twitter at @thatalexyarde. Follow me: This episode was made possible by: Tiana Lopez Ramery Fadiba Barry Jarrod Brown Christopher Ellis Interview recorded using Zoom Edited by Lisa De La Cruz using Audacity, Music: Series 7 by J-Rod Brown Lazy Break SliceXbeats (