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The Wonder of Anime

Feb 8, 2024

This week on The Wonder of Anime, we're sailing the Deep Blue with Neysha Campbell, aka NeyshaPlays! Neysha is a cosplayer, entertainment critic, podcaster, and writer. She explores and reviews anime, manga, TV, and film, infusing her work with insightful critiques and opinion pieces.

In this episode, we talk all things One Piece! Neysha walks us through its beginnings and how Oda's career could have gone a completely different way. We talk about the power of friendship, believing in your dreams, and if Luffy and Zoro will have to fight in the end?!


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Recorded using a Hyper Quad X microphone
Intro Music: LAKEY INSPIRED - Arcade Edited by Lisa De La Cruz using Davinci Resolve