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The Wonder of Anime

Jan 18, 2024

In this week’s episode of The Wonder of Anime, we’re discussing all things Fire Force with the amazing Kiy of PinKIY Sensei! Kiy is a STEM researcher by day and a Gaming Princess by night. Online, she’s known for being authentically herself and sharing her love of anime, gaming, and her journey in academia with the #PrettyCommittee.

As Kiy tells us about Fire Force, we dig deep and discuss the bigger lessons in the manga and anime about life and death. We discuss the connection to Soul Eater, what it teaches us about found family, and of course, the “fan service.” Spoiler alert, it’s definitely not as much as you think. All this and more!

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Recorded using a Hyper Quad X microphone
Intro Music: LAKEY INSPIRED - Arcade Edited by Lisa De La Cruz using Davinci Resolve