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The Wonder of Anime

Jan 22, 2019

For most of us, the drag community is not something we have a lot of knowledge on. We may see a drag queen on tv or know of Ru Paul’s Drag Race. However, the drag community in Reading has been alive for years. I had the honor of interviewing Carlos Gonzalez, an active member of Reading’s drag community as Lola Cha Cha Amore. In this episode we discuss how he got into drag, the local Reading drag scene, being a Latino Drag Queen, and much much more! Follow Lola Cha Cha Amore on Instagram: In this episode: DearRDG Podcast: The Wonder of Ivy’s Who To Watch in 2019 List: The Wonder of Ivy on Reading Magazine: The Scared of a Day Job Brunch: Love[LESS] pt 2: Recorded at Music Is Passion Studios Produced by Jarrod Brown Edited by Lisa De La Cruz