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The Wonder of Anime

Nov 21, 2019

The one thing I love the most about David Nazario is that he is always true to himself. And in being true to himself, his feelings, and his journeys, he’s taught me (and countless others) to do the same. So it’s no coincidence that whenever he comes on the podcast, it’s not just an interview; it’s always a candid conversation where the listeners and I walk away with a deeper understanding of him and ourselves, as well as life. On this episode, we skip the formalities and jump right into our regular exchange. We talk about life, love, career, discovery, and loss. Follow David Nazario: Buy the book: Follow me: This episode was made possible by: Tiana Lopez Ramery Fadiba Barry Jarrod Brown Christopher Ellis Interview recorded at Music is Passion Studios Engineered by JROD Edited by Lisa De La Cruz using Audacity, Music: Carefree Kevin MacLeod ( Lazy Break SliceXbeats ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License