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The Wonder of Anime

Jun 2, 2020

Hey all. With everything going on, it feels insignificant to create and post content as if nothing is going on. As much as I love interviews, anime, and fun things, I don’t want to talk about that much less want to see it. I’m tired. I’m angry. I’m hurt. However, I understand that as someone with a platform, I can’t sit by idly. I’m motivated to post and record this so I can inform my listeners on ways they can help support Black Lives Matter, the protesters, and the Black community. I also want to share information on ways to take care of yourself. I don’t have the answers but I do have a voice that I want to use to amplify the Black voices around me and nationally. Resources to Support BLM: A Concise Link of Ways to Help

Bail Funds*Ee_k-mgFBkNJgBfHNFeHMg Dear RDG Town Hall: Resources to Take Care of Your Self: 7 Virtual Mental Health Resources Supporting Black People Right Now Thread of Mental Health resources for Racial Related Trauma Other Mental Health Apps: Calm Headspace Talk Space (blog for free resources) Better Help