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The Wonder of Anime

Dec 30, 2021

Last episode of 2021! Let's reflect on all that we did!

Thank you to Toyin, Tobi, and Ellie of Religiously Nerdy and Rob of Dads Need to Talk for joining me!

Religiously Nerdy
Dad Needs To Talk


Creator Reflections

  1. What was your favorite video/podcast ep/ post (you created) of 2021 and why?   
  2. What was your favorite video/pod ep/ blog post someone else created of 2021 and why? (These can be 1 of each, more than one)
  3. Best lesson you’ve learned as a content creator this year?
  4. What is something you want to work on improving as a creator in 2022?
  5. What is something you did as a creator in 2021 you will NOT be doing in 2022?
  6. Favorite memory from the community in 2021 (events/clubhouses/spaces etc)
  7. What will be your personal mantra in 20212
  8. Highlight of your year as a content creator 
  9. What kept you going this year?
  10. What are some things you want to accomplish in 2022?


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The Wonder of Anime